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Made with Platinum medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone which looks and feels astonishingly life-like, our fake pregnant belly prosthetics can be made to suit a range of body shapes, sizes and skin tones. With optional linea nigras and stretch marks, powder, make-up and airbrushing can also be safely and effectively applied to the surface.


Fake Pregnant Belly, 7-8 Months, Silicone Colour M6

Realistic silicone belly in 10 skin tones.

Made with platinum medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone which looks and feels astonishingly lifelike, our fake pregnant bellies have been designed with comfort and performance in mind. Our handcrafted silicone bumps suit all body shapes, sizes and skin tones and have been supplied to film, TV, commercial and private clients since 2009. Powder, make-up and airbrushing can be safely and effectively applied to the surface.

7-8 Months

Colour M6

(Bodysuit size charts)
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infographic showing the features of our silicone 7-8 month large fake pregnant belly in a light brown skin tone
  • . Original Moonbump® large fake pregnant belly in size 7-8 months (31 to 38 weeks, 3rd trimester) and silicone colour M6 (light brown).

  • Durable, high quality silicone pregnant belly with a soft foam core, attached to a smooth seamless fabric underbust bodysuit.

  • Breathable bodysuit in stretchy, soft fabric which supports the large fake pregnant belly securely in the correct position. Our range of bodysuit sizes (XS to XXL) provide a perfect fit for every individual.

  • Adjustable hook-opening gusset allows for easy bathroom breaks and the bodysuit can be worn strapless or with the clear, repositionable shoulder straps. The bodysuit also has a low back and is specially designed to minimise VPL.

  • Ergonomically designed bump in a carefully sculpted form which blends smoothly to the wearer’s body and is well balanced for a comfortable weight. It won’t slip or move, unlike cheaper self-adhesive or belt-type bumps and there is no risk of accidental silicone leakage.

  • Realistic translucent skin-like silicone detailing and a matte finish, the belly looks incredibly lifelike and has an authentic feel to the touch.

  • Comprehensive range of skin tones specially developed using the Monk Skin Tone Scale to suit a diverse range of wearers, with bodysuit fabric colour to match.

  • Powder, make-up and airbrushing can also be safely and effectively applied to the surface.

  • Contoured, comfortable inside surface composed of silicone, lightweight soft polyurethane foam and fabric.

  • Alterations service available (POA).

Moonbump Sample Pack

Sample Pack

Swatches of silicone & foam in our full range of colours to help you choose your correct skin tone

Purchase a Sample Pack

Moonbump Silicone Belly Dimensions & Weights
  3 to 4 Months
(13 to 21 weeks, 1st to 2nd Trimester)
5 to 6 Months
(22 to 30 weeks, 2nd Trimester)
7 to 8 Months
(31 to 38 weeks, 3rd Trimester)
8 to 9 Months or Twins
(35 to 42 weeks, 3rd Trimester)

Outside Height
(outside surface through belly button)

Outside Width
(outside surface, side to side)

Inside Height
(inside surface next to wearer)

Inside Width
(inside surface next to wearer)

(through belly button)

infographic showing the width, height and depth measurements of our fake bellies

Moonbump Silicone Belly Bodysuit Sizes by International Dress Size

 Your Size 

 UK & ROI 

 USA & Canada 

 Germany & Scandinavia 

 France, Spain & Portugal 





XS 4 2 30 32 36 38 6 5
XS 6 4 32 34 38 40 8 7
S 8 6 34 36 40 42 10 9
S 10 8 36 38 42 44 12 11
M 12 10 38 40 44 46 14 13
M 14 12 40 42 46 48 16 15
L 16 14 42 44 48 50 18 17
L 18 16 44 46 50 52 20 19
XL 20 18 46 48 52 54 22 21
XL 22 20 48 50 54 56 24 23
XXL 24 22 50 52 56 58 26 25
XXL 26 24 20 54 58 60 28 27
Moonbump Silicone Belly Bodysuit Sizes by Wearer's Measurements
Your Size
Under Bust


XS 66 - 71cm
(26 - 28in)
61 - 66cm
(24 - 26in)
76 - 81cm
(30 - 32in)
S 76 - 81cm
(30 - 32in)
71 - 76cm
(28 - 30in)
86 - 91cm
(34 - 36in)
M 86 - 91cm
(34 - 36in)
81 - 86cm
(32 - 34in)
97 - 102cm
(38 - 40in)
L 97 - 102cm
(38 - 40in)
91 - 97cm
(36 - 38in)
107 - 112cm
(42 - 44in)
XL 107 - 112cm
(42 - 44in)
102 - 107cm
(40 - 42in)
117 - 122cm
(46 - 48in)
XXL 117 - 122cm
(46 - 48in)
112 - 117cm
(44 - 46in)
127 - 132cm
(50 - 52in)
body measurements for the silicone fake pregnant belly bodysuit

If your measurement falls between bodysuit sizes we usually recommend selecting the larger of the two sizes.

Website card payments are taken through Worldpay. We can also accept payment by Cheque or Bank Transfer. Please contact us for more information.

Bank or Card statements will display the purchase as MB-Theatreprop. Bank Account Transfers can be made to our account using one of our names (supplied on request) and the reference Theatrecostume to avoid Moonbump ever appearing on your statement.

Dispatch is within 1 - 3 working days or you can request free priority for urgent orders (usually within 1 working day).

All orders we receive are fully confidential – we recognise our clients’ needs for discretion.

Please visit the Shipping page for more information on packaging, delivery times and prices.

Due to the bespoke nature of the products we make and reasons regarding personal hygiene and health and safety, we cannot accept returns, refunds or exchanges for items already purchased.

Your fake pregnant belly should be kept in a warm, dry environment away from direct sunlight and placed on a stand for storage.

It can be hand washed in a mild detergent and dried naturally or simply wipe the surface with a moist towel or wet-wipe. We also find sticky lint rollers work well on the silicone bellies.

Worldwide map - Moonbumps are delivered worldwide


Individually Handcrafted in Britain

 Handmade in BritainWe support Friends of the EarthFSB MembersRoyal Central School of Speech & Drama Alumni 2004

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